Welcome to my world kitchen where I like to create and capture deliciously healthy and relatively quick vegetarian recipes from around the world. Let’s begin a sensory journey to explore new ingredients and experiment new recipe.

Pan2pen is a sensory journal, about travelling in time and place through food and photography. My objective is to evoke emotions, tantalize test buds and connect viewer with their own encounter with food, with people & place through senses using natural, tactile and graphic food styling. I tend to present food and subject matter in their honest but appealing state.

“A food’s flavor includes its texture, smell, temperature, color and painfulness (as in spices), among many other features.”  Diane Ackerman, A natural history of senses.

In my 5 yr old’s words; Cooking is like creating craft in the kitchen using fun tools, I call them hardware and colorful ingredients. Her interest in cooking and staging has motivated me to write this blog. I once joked with her saying I am preparing this online recipe book for you as your wedding gift. Well, jokes apart I incepted this idea for writing food blog for quite sometime. In quest for doing something I really enjoy I found my answer in this blog. I absolutely love cooking and entertaining as well as food styling. Here I combine both interests.

My other interests are architectural photography, lifestyle photography, arts and crafts. I love everything handmade.

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