Black Bean Hummus

We all like change, specifically when it comes to dips for our beloved chips. From time to time, either need to dress-up an old favorite, reinvent or whip up new concoction. Its easily the most served side dish or an appetizer,  be it at social gathering, picnic at park, game night or simply as after school snack.

Black bean hummus

I like to make variety of it and keep them handy to tackle that snack attack, this hummus is definitely a healthier alternative to creamy and cheesy dips.

I have been making and posting more dip recipes recently. Part of the reason is they are versatile, quick and easy to prepare and above all they are appreciated by my family, including kids. I hope they will be welcomed in your household too.

Black bean hummus

Hummus is very healthy form of dip, its gluten free, vegan and significant source of protein and full of fibers an essential part of vegetarian diet. I have been experimenting with various legume and black bean is a natural fit for that. In past I have used red kidney beans and white beans and with little variation these can also become everyday favorite.  For more hummus, dip, spread and chutney recipes, look in the recipe achieve.

Black Bean Hummus

A texmex twist to our family favorite dip to accompany chips and variety of Mexican inspired dishes.

Soak   |     Cook      |     Prep      

2-4 hrs       15min           10min

Recipe type: Dip, Spread

Yield: 2 cups

Level: Easy


2 cup cooked black beans, equivalent to 1 cup dry beans.

2 big clove of garlic

2 tbsp chopped cilantro

1 deseeded and chopped jalapeño pepper

1-1/2 tsp fresh lime juice or juice from 1 medium lime

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp roasted cumin powder

1/2 tsp red chilli flakes (optional)

2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup water to thin it out

Note:Pressure cook beans at home, my preferred way to use beans and legumes. Its very quick and easy if using pressure cooker, add tsp salt and let it cook till 3-4 whistles go off.

I believe you can cook the beans in slow cooker too, if you are comfortable doing that way. I am just not very familiar with that technique.

In case if you decide to use canned beans, rinse the beans under running water.


Place all the ingredients except water in the food processor and process till combined. Now add water from the spout little at a time while the processor is running and let everything come together as shown here.

I like to leave few chunky ingredient to use it as garnish with olive oil. If you prefer smooth consistency, let the machine do the job. Once done, either serve in the bowl, drizzle tbsp of olive oil or store it in to an air tight container with thin film of oil on. It keeps well in refrigerator for up to a week.

Black bean hummus


Serving suggestions

This hummus can be served with your choice of chips, shown here is quinoa and amaranth chips from trader joe’s.

This can be used as spread for sandwich or wrap with grilled vegetables.

Use it to spread on avocado toast or to make a quick week night taco.

One prep-4 meals kind of dishes are alway on top of my list. After all who wouldn’t like to save time and serve home cooked meals at the same time.

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