Cranberry Citrus Mocktail

Cranberries are found everywhere in the supermarket with start of the fall. It is served to families on thanksgiving to Christmas in variety of ways. My favorite is cranberry white chocolate chuck cookies. But that’s not what I am writing today. I also make cranberry chutney that pairs well with lot of Indian vegetarian dishes. But that’s also not on the agenda, or at least for now. I am exploring cranberries in drinks this time of the year. How about a mocktail, non-alcoholic drink for non-boozy friends. And later, an appetizer for all. 2 for one.

Fresh cranberries

Cranberry is the fruit of the holiday, well right after apple and just before figs, smile. Besides the antioxidant quality of cranberries their color is very festive and the flavor is refreshing. I freeze a bag or 2 each year while they are in season to use it when they are not.

Cranberry citrus mix

This drink is inspired by our recent trip to Raleigh.  One of my friend who lives there prepared cranberry drink using ginger soda. I loved the drink. I love the taste of ginger in my tea and have had ginger flavor in fruit juice back home. Ginger is very good, specially in these cold months, provided its fresh. Its holds lot of herbal value. After we returned I opened that pk of cranberry i had in my fridge which I had bought days ago to prepare chutney and instead created a refreshing fresh fruit concoction.

Cranberry Citrus Mocktail

I hear the bells ringing or well almost. Its one week before the Christmas eve and like you I am getting ready for the family and friends gathering too.

I prepared this mocktail for thanksgiving holiday 2 weeks ago and my guests were delighted. Hence sharing this recipe as I just finished preparing new batch, on request from a special friend for a holiday potluck coming up soon.

Cranberry Citrus Mocktail

Yes the best things is, it can be prepared ahead, one less thing to prepare on the day of entertaining.

Cranberry Citrus Mocktail

Zesty and refreshing Virgin Cocktail blending classic seasonal and citrus fruits

Prep      |     Cook      |   Total Time

15min          00min          15min

Recipe type: Drink

Yield: 7 cups, serves 12-16 (60z/Serving)

Level: Easy


2 cup Fresh cranberries, cleaned and washed

Juice of 2 medium size lemon

3 cups fresh squeezed orange juice (I used one from trader Joe’s)

1 cup granulated or raw sugar

1/4 fresh chopped ginger (cut pieces about size of cranberry, its for consistent taste and measurement) No need to remove skin, just wash

1/8 tsp sea salt

4 cup water


Place all the ingredients in the blender reserving water. Reducing large quantity of liquid while blending helps keeping the blending more efficient and keeps liquid from over flowing, based on personal experience.

Now let the blender do its job. Depending upon the type of machine you have it will take any where from 3-5 minutes to blend everything well.

Strain the juice in a serving utensil or storing container and now stir water. It keeps well in refrigerator for up to a week. I haven’t had any left over after that so not sure if it will hold any longer than that, smile.

Right before serving add 2-3 cups of ice or serve as is cold.

While you prepare this I am working on take 2. Cranberry chutney for my appetizer.


If you are preparing this recipe in advance you can leave the water out and add right before serving along with ice that way it will save the space in refrigerator when storing.

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