Bombay Sandwich

Why we need one more recipe for Bombay sandwich when there are already 4k plus results available on Google as I write. The humble answer is everyone has their own nostalgia about Bombay, there experiences and their food encounters living in Bombay, now called Mumbai. Number of metro cities in India had adopted English names, which eventually has brought back their original names to match local pronunciation, Bombay-Mumbai, Calcutta-Kolkata and Bangalore-Bangaluru to name few.

More than a decade ago during my undergrad years, me and my other 2 friends decided to take a Co-op job in Mumbai for a semester. Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. And one of the wealthiest city in India. Coming from a relatively small town we were exposed to Mumbai’s hustle bustle and the fast pace work and life. What a vivid experience each of us had working in 3 different offices in different part of the city. At the end of the day we would come home and share our new happenings with each other and as weekend approach we were looking forward to explore the city. Working women’s hostel in Juhu was our home for those 4 months. Still remember those days on weekends when we just used to casually go for early morning walk to Juhu Beach in anticipation to get to see Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, an iconic Bollywood actor. Even today whenever I go back to Mumbai I visit hostel and drive around the area to travel back in time and feel the spirit of that adventurous journey away from home. 

Bombay Sandwich

Going back to Bombay sandwich, during co-op we used to commute from Vile Parle train station and there is where the story of this wonderful, mouthwatering toasted to perfection sandwich begins. There were number of food carts near the train station and they still exist, serving variety of dosas, fresh juices, chaat and one of them was this famous Bombay sandwichwala cart.

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

What makes Bombay sandwich so special is their triangular-shaped hearty white bread, lathered with butter, special green chutney, piled high grated cheese and lots and lots of sliced vegetables, sprinkled with chaat masala, arranged very meticulously and in orderly fashion layer by layer and then toasted just until they become crispy on the outside. It’s worth watching how they assemble these beauties. It’s their art and your patience combined which makes these toasty so delightful. I am using a secret ingredient, perfectly ripe Hass avocado instead of cheese for a healthy version. With that said you can find recipe of green chutney on my previous blog. 

Vegetable Club Sandwich

Remember I said earlier the bread used in this sandwich in Bombay are special too. And if you are like me, who knows outside matters as much as what goes inside the two pieces of bread, you may already have done extensive research and found one or two favorite whole grain bread that works for you. For me Trader Joe’s Wheat White and Whole Food’s Multigrain bread holds up well for this grilled sandwich, in terms of texture, thickness and taste. Share your favorite whole grain bread and I will definitely try them next time.

Bombay Sandwich

Grilled to perfection vegetable sandwich

Prep      |     Cook      |   Total Time

10min         15min          25min

Recipe type: Lunch, Weeknight dinner

Yield: 6 servings

Level: Easy


1 pk of hearty whole grain bread of your choice

1 Stick of butter

1 cup green chutney

1 cup red sauce (1/2 cup ketchup+ 1/2 cup cholula hot sauce)

1 medium thin sliced green pepper

2 medium size boiled potato sliced

1 whole sliced english cucumber

1 thin sliced red onion

2 thin sliced medium tomato on vine or beefsteak tomato

6 tbsp chaat masala

1 ripe Hass avocado (secrete ingredient)

6 tbsp light olive oil for grilling



Start with 2 slice of breads

1. Spread butter on each

2. Generously spread green chutney on one and red sauce on the other

3. Arrange boiled sliced potato and sliced green pepper on each sprinkle with chaat  masala on the way

4. Arrange sliced english cucumber and thin sliced onions, again sprinkle with chaat masala

5. Now layer sliced tomato and avocado, repeat chaat masala

6. now place the bread with avocado on top of the bread finished with tomato and cover the top layer with one more slice of bread finished with butter and green chutney.

7. Toast in Panini press or similar till it becomes crispy or just until it get grilled  marks. Cut and serve with side of extra chutney and red sauce if desired.


*Avoid butter for vegan recipe

*Use oatmeal bread or similar for gluten-free version

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